Merk: Saranskiy
Model: Spelt+GB
Beschikbaarheid: 120
Excl. BTW: €74,37

 “Spelta” organic vodka

SPELTA is an inspired certified organic small-batch vodka handcrafted in Russia. It's distilled from single-vintage organic spelt, an ancient variety of wild wheat. It's crafted using the revived technology of natural malt fermentation. Distilled enough times to keep the balance of its flavor, aroma and character of spelt right.

Distillery uses only all-natural ingredients from within the Republic of Mordovia. The grain sourced from a local organic farmer and the water from Saransk's artesian wells.

The expertise of Master Distiller ensures balance, smoothness and incomparable excellence. SPELTA designed to be savoured by connoisseurs, so you can enjoy it neat. It's great taste also lends a taste profile to a perfect Vodka Martini cocktail

% Vol. 40%
Liter 700ml

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